My name is Cole Waters.  My goal is to solve the mystery of the LXD.  My fear is that I’ve already said too much.

  1. October says:

    Cole –

    Hi! I’ve just been reading up on your website. I… can sympathize with you.
    I remember being in high school, and I’m pretty sure that some of the people
    there were aliens. Not a lot has changed in twenty years, apparently.

    I’m intrigued by your reports about this top secret government dance
    program. I can’t be sure – but I might have seen something like you
    described – on the streets of my own city. How can I help you to unravel this


  2. Melodi says:

    lol man, just watched this show on hulu! I can’t believe this website is real! haha, I’m lovin the wackiness of it all! keep it up ! 😀

  3. Okami says:

    All Movement is related to Dance. All aspects of Life are part of “The Dance”. Many Martial Artists that have excelled beyond their original style have tapped into this. Capoiera was a style started by slaves (As Capoeira) who knew the truth of being mentally and spiritually free.. even while wearing the bonds of physical bondage. In using music and rhythm to train in Capoeria they help the students become aware of the power of rhythm and timing which allows them (in time) to become aware of the quantum “Music” that creates our reality. Tapping into that is the greatest physical tool you can use to make will and imagination escape the bondage of gravity and convention.
    Capoeira being the father of Break dancing is the reason that many “Breakers”, who are searching for the ultimate expression of freedom and self, develop into martial artist’s and parkour enthusiasts. Urbana Parkatsu using the rhythm and beat of physical obstacles in its dance with gravity and human potential could be the next evolution in humanity’s repertoire of possibility in the “Dance” of existence.
    The power of infinite possibility in absolute potential is NEVER a tool, that any group that seeks to maintain the status quo or hold power, wishes to see in the hands of the People. So OF COURSE this isnt a government plot or conspiracy.

    ” Which is why it is SO nice of you to bring it to our.. I mean Their Attention”..

  4. -AgentNovember- says:


    I want to help you solve this mystery, but i can only provide information. So here is some information. In Southern California there is the group of 4 men who can move their feet at speeds so high that i can barley follow their steps, and they also have some skills similar to the Anti-gravity Heroes. Their group is called the Ranger$ the four men go by the names Langston, Day Day, Spotlight, and Julian(who i believe is the leader) if you do not believe me look at this video i found of these four.

    i fear that i have told you to much pray for me.


  5. MOLLYG says:

    Godspeed, Cole Waters!

  6. Trip says:

    I know its true Cole, thank you for exposing something that I never had the guts to do. No one knows where the truth will take us.

  7. zigzagG says:

    Good Luck Cole, can’t wait to hear more, stay safe out there dude, don’t let the suites catch you!

  8. Sizzle says:

    Keep up the great work Cole. I know you’ll solve this mystery. Please be careful, you never know who is watching or where this will lead…

  9. Jessica says:

    Where’s LXD invite?

  10. Glitch says:

    Dear Cole,
    Do u have any idea if the LXD are still recruiting?

  11. Trevor Drift says:

    I want you to know… that it is possible to get in… you’re so close… but things will become complicated to anyone who enters and are nothing as they seem, as if anything ever is?

  12. Mom says:

    Sweetie, when you’re done playing investigative reporter/conspiracy theorist, would you please pick up your room? Thanks, and don’t forget it’s game night tonight. Looking forward to a CLUE rematch! See you at home. Mom

  13. TheKiidCasper says:

    I am trying to become LXD and your tips help cole =D So thanks! but im still not good enough :/ Keep us posted on new info!

  14. Aubrey says:

    Mom and Dad bought that videocamera for ME, Cole, not for you! If I come home and it’s not back in my room where it belongs, it is so ON!

    And dude, what’s with all the stalking? I swear you get weirder every year. Ugh!

  15. Cicely says:

    I can’t believe this is real!! lol Love the show guys! Super fun. Thanks.

  16. LXD fan says:

    Wow! This is so cool! It’s really here, the site i mean, and Trevor Drift posted a comment, awesome!

  17. Paul says:

    Wow i was watching the LXD and i honestly can say i cant beleave this website is real. It blew my mind! keep up the good work cole let us know more about the LXD

  18. slinky says:

    i also have been doing some major digging in the LXD subject. Ive studied some of the movements of these LXD members threw data ive collected. I have noticed that some of these movements canbe obtained threw phisical means. just practise basically. Ive developed my own style of bodily expression. Ive learned to pull raw out of matter and channel it through my body. It is true that these movements can be used as a wepon, for attack or defence. I have a question that i am searching and i would like you to help me with. how does one choose to go to the LXD without being discovered by a member. If you find it can you be apart. Or do you have to be discovered. keep in touch.

  19. hardy64 says:

    Dude. I know that you know the LXD and everything. So can you tell me the location?

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