Posted: August 10, 2010 in Conspiracies, LXD
  1. Xeraans says:

    Being that the latest disappearance was linked to the LXD and left those papers behind, and that he was in a hospital, we can already assume they were up to no good. You don’t get injured and then removed from a hospital for being injured on a field trip. I’d be careful if I were you, Cole, this just keeps getting more and more serious.

  2. Floodgateopen says:

    This LXD thing just gets shadier and shadier… I’m with Xeraans, this is no high school conspiracy. Careful out there Cole, and ask us for help if you need it… We can be pretty useful if we pool our resources.

  3. bryanflurry says:

    In the website . You can book an appointment there, just incase you want to do an “undercover” investigation 😉

    • Nick says: yea that website seems kinda shady. As you already may know that the Dark Doctor was last seen at Autumns house to bring her back under his control that is all i know. The mystery of the after math is were are The Dark Doctor and Autumn?

    • C says:

      My reservation for a checkup appointment at Pleasanton Hospital on October 1st has officially been approved! I will spill all the deets as soon as I can after my visit.

  4. Whether you’re going on a field trip or joining a karate dojo, always think twice before signing a contract!

  5. C says:

    I’ve requested for *a check-up on October 1st. Hopefully I can get in and see if I’ll dig up *some dirt on the urban myth “The Dark Doctor” I read about on the Pleasanton Hospital website!

    (Sorry, I was in such a rush to make this announcement, I forgot to double-check my message!)

  6. Beau!! says:

    I did some poking around at Pleasanton Hospital myself. I found a scrap of paper with an ornately printed circle with the number seven in it and a set of latitudes and longitudes. The coordinates are someplace in Iowa. If anyone else has any idea what this is or what it means please let me know.

  7. Chris C. says:

    watch the lxd on! they have your answers!

  8. Chris C. says:

    watch the lxd on! they have your answers! all of them!

  9. C says:

    Oh, and Cole? Try to stay out of too much trouble, okay? You might have already gotten yourself into too much hot water. Try to keep this website on the DL. The less people who read and comment on your blog, the better. Gotta watch out for those nosy people! They could be the enemy–or worse– the government!

  10. lookz like imma have ta get louder. LXD just caught my eyez. ta me itz like calling tha Beast.

  11. Madi h. says:

    Hahahaha I love you! When the cop car went by! You are adorable! & when you said your middle name 🙂

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